Sunday, January 12, 2014

Freebie Time and some much said thanks!

February Word ProblemsHere is a link to my newest Freebie! It contains Valentines themed word problems for Kinder! I hope that you enjoy!

Now on a different note....

My husband and I are very greatful to be the parents of 2 beautiful baby boys.  Our oldest ,Luke, is 18 months and our youngest, Levi,  is 7 months.  We were basically told 4 years ago that we could not have children. Well God had a different plan.  After 4 years of prayer, dismay, heartbreak, and struggle in 2012 we had our first son.  Then, we quickly had Levi.  He came at 33 weeks! We spent 4 weeks at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  I would not wish that upon anyone.  Through it all my LORD and SAVIOR cradled our little blessing.  We had sooooo many wonderful doctors and nurses.  Thank the Lord, now we are home and going strong.  Can anyone relate? :) 

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