Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Math centers and Morning activities

Ok so here are some of my math centers.  I have 12 boxes that contain a math center.  Here are just a few.  My littles work on two of these a day.  I am working with small groups of students while they work on these boxes.  My boxes have a number on them. I got this idea from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. You can find her link here.
Fun with Shapes Math Center-Students just create a picture and trace the shape.  All you need is white paper, shapes, crayons or pencils, and a creative little mind!

This is from my Snowy Friends Unit.  Students match the ten frames to the corresponding number.

Another center from my Snowy Friends Unit.  Students put #'s 1-20 in order, then complete this page.

Here are a couple of my students' math journals.  This is one that we did today.  You can find these word problems in my Snowy Friends Unit here.

Now... How do my mornings go??? When my students arrive, they turn in their communication folder and get started on their morning work.  After completing morning work, they put their letters in ABC order.  When they complete that...depending on time, they get out their "Ziploc" bags.  They contain familiar reading materials.  How do you start your day?

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