Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ok so here is one of my math centers.  You can purchase it along with other math and literacy centers from my Snowy Friends Unit.  In this center, students put the numbers in order from 1-20, then complete the recording sheet.

Math center #2 from my Snowy Friends unit.  Students match the number to the corresponding ten frame. 
Math center #3: Shapes-Students trace the shapes to create a picture.  This student just started when I took the picture.  You will need white paper, shapes, pencils/crayons, and a creative mind!

Now for Math Journals... About three times a week my students add a word problem to their math journal.  I normally do this on the floor and I sit down on the floor with them.. We sit in a big circle. They know to sit on their journals until we are through with the fluency portion of my math lesson.  I already have these cut out and I use my glue sponge to glue with(if you don't know what a glue sponge is, see my post about that here. Students work at their own pace to complete the word problem.  They know not to blurt answer out, but to write their thoughts on paper (we have practiced this alot!). This word problem along with other can also be found in my Snowy Friends Unit.  (NOTE: I spend a lot of time talking with my students about how they can write down their thoughts at the beginning of the year.)

Now on a different note:
Here are some pictures showing what my kids do in the mornings.  Before they complete activities below, they do their morning work for the day.  
Magnetic Letters: Students have a Ziploc bag(I use slidders) of magnetic letters.  They put the letters in order from a-z.  They love this!
Then they read from their Familiar Reading bag(another Ziploc bag).  They contain books that we have made or books they have read in Guided Reading. 
Snowy Friends Unit(Winter themed math and literacy centers) -click to view this on TpT!!!


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