Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Scheduling

Hello all!  It''s officially summer time and I am so excited!! I get so much done during the summer and on my time too!! My boys and I are taking it easy, while trying to keep some sort of schedule.  My oldest will be going into First Grade and my youngest is going into Kindergarten this fall, so we are working on all things Kinder and Firstie related.  I have come up with a "schedule" for the summer.  It is very loose!! ;)

Now again, VERY loose!! This is just a guide for when we are home for the day.  There will be several days of Silver Dollar City, White Water, City Pool, road trips, Adventure Club, etc.  I am trying to keep a little structure so that it won't be so hard come August.  Now, all of the mommas with boys can relate and know that there will be total chaos at times as well!! My boys are 9 1/2 months apart.  Right now, I have 2-5 year olds!! My oldest turns 6 in July.   They are either playing ever so sweetly or rough housing.  I blame some of that on my husband.  SHHH! Don't tell him! Also, if you will notice, at 3 there is a Sonic run...can you tell we love Sonic?? Happy Hour is fabulous!!! We live near Branson, MO and there is a Target/Home Depot and on the way, there is a Panda Express.  I have always said it should have been a Sonic.  So, now my boys say that every time we pass it!  Oops! That might have let the cat out of the bag as to how much I go to Target!  It also has a TJ Maxx right beside it, which is perfect!  I normally get alot of stuff for my classroom there.  Especially their toys/activities.  You always find a good deal on Play-Doh, Melissa and Doug, Learning Resources, and other top brands there as well, at a much better price!  I need to do a blog post on all the deals I find before school starts.  I use a lot of Target, TJ Maxx, and Amazon.  I have Prime which is very addicting!  Speaking of which, I just purchased a new electric pencil sharpener from Amazon that is spot on! I have used alot of brands, and I really like this one.  As teachers, its important that we have a handy dandy pencil sharpener, and I believe I have found it.  

Have a fabulous week!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Frog Week

We are about to start frogs this week!! This is one of my favorite units to teach.  You will find my lesson plans below:

Here is the 5 Green and Speckled Frogs video that I will be using with my Shared Reading.  Its super cute. I also have a log/frog template that you can download.
Click here-  Log Freebie

Here is my Frog unit that has a ton of activities:

There are a lot more activities than what is pictured here.  There are nine centers, anchor chart activities, and writing activities, and a craft.  Grab it HERE
                                                   Frog Math and Literacy Unit

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Frog Unit

Hello all!
I have finished my frog unit and have posted it on tpt.  It has a lot of different activities.  You can find it HERE at my tpt store. 
Frog Math and Literacy Unit

Here are a few pictures of what is in the pack!  Your kids are sure to love this pack.  It has 44 pages of fun!  There are 9 centers, 2 anchor chart activities, frog craft, and writing papers.

Have a great Thursday! 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Weather Week 2 Lesson Plans and a FREEBIE

Hi again!

We only have 30 days until school is out!  I am very excited!! This week will be week number 2 on Weather.  I am planning on going into depth about clouds and rainbows.  I have a couple of experiments planned, but do not have pictures of them.  I will try to snag a pic and update this post when I do.

I love to read It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  The activity that follows is always fun to see the kiddos' creativity.  I just used a cloud template that had the lines already, blue paint, a piece of white paper, and two cotton balls. We will read the book and then spend some time brainstorming what our clouds could look like.  I will use a sentence starter, but have my kids phonetically sound out what their cloud looks like. You could also have them write the whole thing by themselves if your kiddos are ready.

If you don't have a cloud template, here is one that you can use:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Freebie and a Cool Website

Hello all!

I was informed about a pretty cool website the other day.  It's called  Ever heard of it?
Its pretty interesting.  It has lessons, worksheets, and resources all on one website.  Here is an example from the website.
Easter Freebie

Go to for more info. Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Easter Lesson Plans and a FREEBIE!

Hi!  I have been enjoying my Spring Break!!! It was very relaxing.  We didn't go any where big, but had a lot of fun!  Sometimes that is the best break!  Anyway, I feel like the school year is flying by.  Its already that time of year when the kids (and teachers ) start counting down until the last day of school.  This week will be busy for sure!  We are learning all things Oviparous! I love this unit.  I try take advantage of the "egg" topic and teach some nonfiction.  The kiddos always love it!  Here are my lesson plans for the week:

I also have a little freebie for you.  Since, we are working on subtraction this week, I made some Subtraction Mats.  There is a color and black and white version.  Simply print and use for subtraction word problems.  Kids love and need to use manipulatives  during math.  There are pictures of animals and things to use on the mats.  You can make up your own subtraction stories.  If you choose  the black and white version, just have your kiddos color them.  
Click HERE to download from my tpt store.  
Subtraction Work Mats

Subtraction Work Mats

                                              Subtraction Work Mats

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dental Health Week!

Hi guys!  I am hopping on real quick to show you my lesson plans for next week. We are studying all things Dental Health this coming week!  To keep it short and sweet, here are my lesson plans for the week.  Have a great one!!

Here are a few crafts we are doing this week