Friday, October 24, 2014

Multiplication Stations!

Ok, so I am teaching 4th grade now and I have been continuously searching for meaningful math centers/stations.  I am about to start a huge multiplication unit, so I have been on the hunt for some engaging stuff.  As I was checking Deedee Wills' kindergarten blog(Yes even though I am in Fourth Grade, I check her's amazing!) it dawned on me.... I could use her Intervention: Super Speed to the Rescue packet for multiplication practice.  So I have done one below and its super easy to do.  Deedee's file comes editable.  So you can go in and make whatever you needed.  I have made one below that has Multiplication by 2 and 3.  I will make more for multiplication through 12.  I am also going to do this for division as well.  This packet of Deedee's is so versatile.  I used it last year when I taught Kindergarten to teach letters, numbers, and sight words.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Here is the link to her packet.  You will love I promise.! Oh by the way I am going to use my lovely Scotch laminator and laminate these wonderful little things! Well that's all for now! Happy Weekend!

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