Monday, September 7, 2015

Place Value with Big Numbers

Hello All!!
Happy Labor Day!  We are well on way in 4th grade.  This is the beginning of the 4th week of school. The school year is already moving fast!  We are working very hard in our classroom.  We have started our big unit on Place Value.  We are working through the millions place value.  I have created a couple of packs along the way for this.  My kids really needed to work on number sense, so we have been using Number Talks in our classroom.  We are working on sharing our strategies.  I have made an anchor chart that I will share soon.  I have also implemented the Daily Three during math as well.  I have three classes for math that are an hour each. Its a bit difficult but I am managing it.  My schedule is as follows:

First 20 minutes: Whole Group Lesson
Next 30 minutes: Small group intervention
Last 10 minutes: Clean up/Prepare to switch back to homeroom

I hope to incorporate the following  schedule before too long:
First 10 minutes:Whole Group lesson
Next 20 minutes: Small group
Next 10 minutes: Whole group Lesson
Next 15 minutes: Small group
Last 5 minutes: Wrap up

I specifically spent time the first week of school teaching routines of the Daily 3 schedule.  Since my kiddos are 4th graders, I can get by with this.  When I taught Kindergarten and First grade, I spent 6 weeks teaching routines and activities.  It also depends on your group of kiddos as well.  I have had classes before that did not work well with centers/stations.  I have always said that you can change anything to fit your style of teaching.  Before I go.  I'll show my newest tpt pack for place value as well as a FREEBIE! Happy Monday! Click HERE to download a Free copy of this making 1,000 page.
Also, here is the link for my place value sliders that I am using in my classroom. Click here to view on TpT