Thursday, July 21, 2016

Monday Made It!

Hello all! Well I am a little late on my Monday Made It, but here it goes.  First of all. my summer break is flying by!! It wont be too long before I have to start getting my classroom ready.  Anyway, I found a lot of goodies at Dollar Tree last week!  My Dollar Tree is on the other side of the town that I live in, so half of the time I forget that I have one! Below are pictures of what I found!

Here are some books that I picked at Dollar  Tree as well.Can you believe that? Books like this for $1?
Now here are some things I picked up for writing activities.  The "My Story" templates open up so that the kiddos can write their own story.  There are 10 to each package!

Amazon Deal!! I love Amazon!! I am a Prime Member, so I receive 2-day shipping for FREE!  You can try out Amazon Prime for 30 days HERE
These pencils are only $1.99 for a box of 12! HERE is the link to purchase.  

Our school has adopted a new math curriculum. So, I am trying to plan my activities that will go with it.  Let's talk Math Workshop for just a minute.  Here is how I have done it in the past:
Warm-Up(5-10 min.)
Mini lesson(20 min.)
First Small Group(15 min)
Second Small Group (15 min)
Wrap Up (5 min.)
I have used a schedule like this when I only have 1 hour for Math.  Now there a million ways to teach math.  I have done a little differently each year.  Now that I am in third grade, I will be able to have a longer math block. What do you do during your math block? Please comment below!!


  1. Would love to see how you set up your new math block. We are going to a workshop style and still trying to wrap my head around a shorter time block.

    1. I will do another post soon that will have details! ;)