Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Arctic Animals Research


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Well, Christmas is coming to a close and my mind suddenly goes to my January units!! This year I am in Third Grade.  There are so many options to do during this time of year!  I love to teach using thematic units.  Integrating literacy, math science, and social studies is so much fun!  My kids are working on writing research papers, so what do we research? Arctic animals!!  I use Google Classroom a lot in my classroom.  I chose a few websites to the student to look through and linked them in Google Classroom.  National Geographic for Kids has a wonderful website.  The kids really enjoyed the polar bear cam.  Click HERE to view the web page.

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 I created a graphic organizer so that the students could write down facts while researching polar bears.

 We then talked about how to write a research paragraph and what they looked like. I showed the kids different paragraphs from books so that the kids could really see and understand how to write their paragraph.
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I also use this book so that we can compare/contrast fiction and nonfiction text.  There are so many options!

Below is the final product of one of my student's paragraph.  They had so much fun!

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