Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Dr. Seuss and Misc!

Ok so this is day 18 of snow days(all together).  This has been one crazy school year.  Anyway, I had this week planned for Dr. Seuss activities.  I'll have to make up for it now!  We have missed so much school that I haven't been able to spend very much time on my Content Area activities.  So now for the Dr. Seuss talk.  My wonderful mother made my door for me! Take a look.  She is amazing!
I read the book Dr Seuss' ABC 's.  to my kids.  We reviewed beginning sounds of each letter.  I each student do letter page(some did more than 1).  They loved it!
I am also working on posting my lesson plans each week(or at least a sneak peak).  Here are a few things that my students will be working on:
Deedee Wills' March Poetry Notebooks
Last week we worked on "Your Body" from Deedee's unit.  The kids had so much fun and were VERY engaged. 
I will also be introducing my

Here are some pics:

I am going to try to be back next week with a "Peak at my Week" post as well as my spring planning ideas and activities. 

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