Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Scheduling

Hello all!  It''s officially summer time and I am so excited!! I get so much done during the summer and on my time too!! My boys and I are taking it easy, while trying to keep some sort of schedule.  My oldest will be going into First Grade and my youngest is going into Kindergarten this fall, so we are working on all things Kinder and Firstie related.  I have come up with a "schedule" for the summer.  It is very loose!! ;)

Now again, VERY loose!! This is just a guide for when we are home for the day.  There will be several days of Silver Dollar City, White Water, City Pool, road trips, Adventure Club, etc.  I am trying to keep a little structure so that it won't be so hard come August.  Now, all of the mommas with boys can relate and know that there will be total chaos at times as well!! My boys are 9 1/2 months apart.  Right now, I have 2-5 year olds!! My oldest turns 6 in July.   They are either playing ever so sweetly or rough housing.  I blame some of that on my husband.  SHHH! Don't tell him! Also, if you will notice, at 3 there is a Sonic run...can you tell we love Sonic?? Happy Hour is fabulous!!! We live near Branson, MO and there is a Target/Home Depot and on the way, there is a Panda Express.  I have always said it should have been a Sonic.  So, now my boys say that every time we pass it!  Oops! That might have let the cat out of the bag as to how much I go to Target!  It also has a TJ Maxx right beside it, which is perfect!  I normally get alot of stuff for my classroom there.  Especially their toys/activities.  You always find a good deal on Play-Doh, Melissa and Doug, Learning Resources, and other top brands there as well, at a much better price!  I need to do a blog post on all the deals I find before school starts.  I use a lot of Target, TJ Maxx, and Amazon.  I have Prime which is very addicting!  Speaking of which, I just purchased a new electric pencil sharpener from Amazon that is spot on! I have used alot of brands, and I really like this one.  As teachers, its important that we have a handy dandy pencil sharpener, and I believe I have found it.  

Have a fabulous week!!!